Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Almost there!

Well! It's been a while. But I have been keeping up with this pregnancy pretty well via Instagram. Here's how much we're growing:

These last couple months have been pretty rough. I thinking chasing your brother around makes things a little harder physically. Last pregnancy I remember my feet really hurting. I don't notice that as much this time, but everything else hurts way more, especially my hips! Waking up in the morning is giving me a good idea of what the future holds for my 80 year old self ;) 

Getting very excited to meet you. I got a little basket for all your tiny socks today. This week I think we will install your car seat and pack a hospital bag! 

I love you! 


Thursday, November 6, 2014

31 weeks with Baby Joshua

Posting this late again :) 

Pic taken 10/31/14

This week: 

Braxton Hicks are picking up. We had one weird night where I was having them quite often and they were slightly uncomfortable. We even started timing just to make sure we shouldn't see the Dr. They seemed normal the next day, though so all is well :) 

You seem pretty busy in the evenings. Hopefully you don't have your days and nights mixed up! Not quite as active as Jonathan was, if I'm remembering right. 

Bought you a bunch of stuff at a big sale in town. You will be born in a much different climate than Jonathan, so I needed some warm and cozy things for my Winter baby :) 

Your brother likes to give my belly kisses (or raspberries, rather) and thinks my big ol' belly button is funny, but doesn't understand that his new little best bud is the cause of this beer belly, extra tired mommy. 

I love you! See you in 9 weeks!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

27 Weeks

Here's a late post of my 27 week update!

(Always such lovely freeze frames)

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Summer '14

Jonathan's first ride (Silverwood trip with Grandma and Grandpa Garcia)

Jonathan and Ellie are such little buds. They are the only little "people" in the fam right now and love playing together!

Dad's always coming up with fun games

24 weeks with Joshua

I'm really bad at thinking of things to say about the pregnancy once I've started recording.

Some things that I failed to mention:

Lots of movement lately and now I can feel it from the outside :) One of my favorite feelings ever!

The fall weather is nice, but it also means more shoe tying which is no bueno these days. Still keeping those toes painted though ;)

Grumpy Cat Freeze Frame

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Pink or Blue?

Hi, Baby Boy!!! 
*Spoiler Alert*

I can't believe you're a boy! For some reason I was just convinced you were a pretty little girl in there but you're a strapping young man haha. Very young.

Dad and I waiting to find out:

After we found out that you had "outdoor plumbing", as the Dr. put it, we finished up, the Dr. left and Dad walked over and said "Well, I know his name.". I laughed because I thought he was going to say something goofy. We hadn't even once discussed boy names yet because Jonathan took us soooo long and we just didn't want to open the boy name can of worms again until we knew your gender.

... and he just said "Joshua Caleb". And I said "I love it."

Bam. Done. I could NOT BELIEVE that it was that easy, but it's a done deal now - we've already started the hashtag ;)

During the ultrasound, the Dr. said "maybe you can name this one Caleb". I didn't get it, but your dad figured out that she probably thought that Jonathan's name was Joshua and that our second could be Caleb. That gave Dad the idea, and it works perfectly with the Jonathan David dynamic duo theme!

That night we had a gender reveal party with the fam. I made a cake that was blue inside so that everyone would know your gender as soon as we cut it.

Monday, August 25, 2014

21 weeks video update

Hi, Baby! Here is what you and I and your big brother have been up to lately:

Here is the countdown chain that I made to help pass the time until we can find out if you are a boy or a girl: