Monday, December 31, 2012

Half Way!

Well lots of things have happened in the last few weeks. Uncle Nate asked Auntie Karin to marry him! :D That was exciting. I guess they both would have been your aunt and uncle whether they were married or not ;) You got lots of Christmas gifts: super cute shoes, lots of books, a lantern for your nursery and Dad got you your first toy! He wanted to pick something special for you to remember as your first toy and got you your very own telephone with wheels and eyes! I think you'll love it. I can't wait to try your tiny shoes on ya. They're adorable. 

Also, we hit a mile stone this weekend -


Pretty exciting stuff! Dad and I took a little weekend away/babymoon up to Sun Valley and hashed out lots of potential names... no luck yet ;) Wish we could get your input on this. I am feeling you every day now and your kicks are getting much stronger. It feels much different than before where I was really unsure of what I was feeling. The Dr. said that my placenta is on the front of my belly so that's why it took a little longer to feel your kicks. The other day I was lying on my back and could feel you moving a lot so I just pressed my hand against my belly whilst I read and I could even feel a couple kicks with my hand! Such a neat feeling! I've been having Dad put his hand there when I can tell you're moving but he hasn't felt ya yet. 

Here we are at 20 weeks. Half way there! 

Friday, December 28, 2012

You're A...


I guess Dad was right all along! "Father knows best" ;) So much has happened since my last post but I'll probably break it up into a couple posts.

First of all, we had our most exciting Dr. visit yet! I had been counting the days til I'd get to see you again (Dec. 21st) and was so excited that I almost forgot about Christmas! I feel like my Christmas was really a few days early ;) Dad tried to record again this time, but they said it was not aloud so I just have to try to remember the best I can. First they measured all the things that help them know if you are growing on track and if everything looks healthy. We saw your kidneys, your spine, your little beating heart, they measured your femur and lots of other things. Everything looked healthy and you are growing slightly bigger than my due date, so that's good... for you (not as much for me ;) Mrs. Sarah Thomas told me to drink some caffeine before the appointment so you'd be moving around and so it'd be easier to see if you were a boy or a girl. So, I drank half a Mt. Dew right before and it sure worked! You were moving like crazy! At one point it looked like you were standing on your head or you were going to do a forward roll or something. It sometimes made it difficult for her to measure, but she said she would rather you be moving all around than to be sleeping in a bad position for her to see everything. We saw what looked like a big yawn and she got a picture of it. I'm not gonna lie, your face is pretty scary lookin' right now because it still just looks like a skeleton, but you have a cute profile :) Dad thinks you have me nose. 

One time you were facing us and had your mouth open and your hands up by your face and it looked like you were pretending to be a dinosaur. So, after we looked at everything else she looked to see if you were a boy or girl... and you made it pretty easy for us ;) She said "Well, it doesn't get much more spread eagle than that". You are no doubt a boy. The pictures are pretty funny. I'll put them all in your baby book :) I was a little surprised because my intuition had been leaning toward girl, but I'm SO EXCITED! I looked at Dad right away because I wanted to see his face. I wanted you to be a boy because I knew secretly he really wanted a son first, but we would have been happy either way. The only thing is we had a girl name picked out (Kate Elizabeth), but didn't really have any ideas for a boy name. I've been making lists every day and running them by dad... this is going to be tricky ;)

I just thought this was funny ^^

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

17 Weeks

(Posted 3 days late due to connection issues in NJ)

Dear Baby,

Today we're 17 weeks along. Dad and I are in New Jersey with our friends Mr. & Mrs. Teis doing a video for their church. They have 4 little kiddos who provided our video update for this week:

... We'll see! :)

They also gave you your first official baby presents!

I think you'll love em :) The bear is so soft!

The biggest change I found this week is that my belly is starting to get firm all over. Must mean you're growing! I am starting to feel more movement these days and can more easily distinguish if I'm feeling you or just my tummy rumbling. Sitting at the airport in Denver I am pretty sure I felt you kick twice in a row. It's the first time I've really felt a distinct kick. It was really cool :) I'm also feeling short of breath more often and have unintentionally been doing that prego lady breathing thing with the big loud annoying breaths. Reaching my things in front of me on the airplane felt like such an undertaking. You're already getting in the way, you trouble maker! 

So, now you've been to Denver, New Jersey, Minneapolis, Pennsylvania and Tennessee! You are already quite the globe trotter. We'll call these "firsts" BB and your baby book ones will be AB (before birth, after birth ;) 

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Garcia Way

Just thought I'd introduce you to a different, yet, commonly seen side of your family. This is Dad and Uncle Nate being ... Dad and Uncle Nate before heading out for lunch. Wish I had caught all of it. Wierdos ;)

Sorry you don't really have a chance of being normal :/

Saturday, December 1, 2012

16 weeks

4 months pregnant today and Ashley Chappell had baby Leighton this morning :) So, she'll be just a few months older than you. Dad said "soon it'll be us". I can't wait! I am getting less and less nervous about labor and more and more excited to see you! 

I haven't had any more "episodes" this week, I think because I can feel them coming now and I can eat something really fast. I haven't mentioned them on here yet and they are not a big deal at all, but if I let my blood sugar get too low I get this wave of nausea and get really weak, shaky and hot and have to sit down and I'm sweating like crazy and one time I threw up. It's kinda awful, but doesn't last long. It's happened about 4 times now but I've figured out it's when I haven't eaten in a while, so as long as I keep snacking throughout the day I am ok :) 

My belly is getting bigger all the time. I just hope everything isn't getting bigger all the time ;) I'd like to do some kind of workout class, but I'm not a member at a gym right now, so I'll just have to motivate myself to make up my own workouts. (JJ is outside eating one of my glittered pumpkins right now. Like, literally eating the whole pumpkin haha. But it's small and a vegetable so I'm just gonna let him.)

I'm not quite sure if I can feel you movin' around yet or not. Sometimes I feel some very faint rumbling feelings that could be you sqirmin' around or just my imagination. I wish I had a little window on my belly so I could just watch you wiggling around :) I hear you have toenails these days. Good for you. You make me proud ;) ;) Wonder if I'll paint them some day. 50/50 chance ;)