Tuesday, December 11, 2012

17 Weeks

(Posted 3 days late due to connection issues in NJ)

Dear Baby,

Today we're 17 weeks along. Dad and I are in New Jersey with our friends Mr. & Mrs. Teis doing a video for their church. They have 4 little kiddos who provided our video update for this week:

... We'll see! :)

They also gave you your first official baby presents!

I think you'll love em :) The bear is so soft!

The biggest change I found this week is that my belly is starting to get firm all over. Must mean you're growing! I am starting to feel more movement these days and can more easily distinguish if I'm feeling you or just my tummy rumbling. Sitting at the airport in Denver I am pretty sure I felt you kick twice in a row. It's the first time I've really felt a distinct kick. It was really cool :) I'm also feeling short of breath more often and have unintentionally been doing that prego lady breathing thing with the big loud annoying breaths. Reaching my things in front of me on the airplane felt like such an undertaking. You're already getting in the way, you trouble maker! 

So, now you've been to Denver, New Jersey, Minneapolis, Pennsylvania and Tennessee! You are already quite the globe trotter. We'll call these "firsts" BB and your baby book ones will be AB (before birth, after birth ;) 

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  1. AWWWWWwww...Don't you just love thoses kicks! How fun! I'm changing my mind... I think it's a boy:)