Saturday, December 1, 2012

16 weeks

4 months pregnant today and Ashley Chappell had baby Leighton this morning :) So, she'll be just a few months older than you. Dad said "soon it'll be us". I can't wait! I am getting less and less nervous about labor and more and more excited to see you! 

I haven't had any more "episodes" this week, I think because I can feel them coming now and I can eat something really fast. I haven't mentioned them on here yet and they are not a big deal at all, but if I let my blood sugar get too low I get this wave of nausea and get really weak, shaky and hot and have to sit down and I'm sweating like crazy and one time I threw up. It's kinda awful, but doesn't last long. It's happened about 4 times now but I've figured out it's when I haven't eaten in a while, so as long as I keep snacking throughout the day I am ok :) 

My belly is getting bigger all the time. I just hope everything isn't getting bigger all the time ;) I'd like to do some kind of workout class, but I'm not a member at a gym right now, so I'll just have to motivate myself to make up my own workouts. (JJ is outside eating one of my glittered pumpkins right now. Like, literally eating the whole pumpkin haha. But it's small and a vegetable so I'm just gonna let him.)

I'm not quite sure if I can feel you movin' around yet or not. Sometimes I feel some very faint rumbling feelings that could be you sqirmin' around or just my imagination. I wish I had a little window on my belly so I could just watch you wiggling around :) I hear you have toenails these days. Good for you. You make me proud ;) ;) Wonder if I'll paint them some day. 50/50 chance ;)


  1. Awww Look at that cute belly of yours! So cute, Kayla!

  2. You are so cute. :) I love this blog!