Wednesday, November 14, 2012

13 weeks Vlog!

First pregnancy vlog! Just for fun! :) I'm a little retarded so heads up!


  1. ha ha... you are too cute... I was going to tell you tonight that there was a lack of baby posts ha ha. I see your bump! Totally have a baby in there:) You are too cute! Love the vblog!

  2. Kayla, Sweetheart. :) It was so nice to see your pretty face on here. I have read all your posts up till now on your baby journey so far. So excited for you guys. Hehe :) Makes me smile! Love the vlogs. So fun! :) Your bump is too cute. Enjoy the journey, it goes so fast, before you know it you will have this adorable little bundle in your arms which will be just amazing!!! :)
    Enjoy hun, thanks for the updates, i ENJOY them! :)
    Look forward to following you on the rest of your pregnancy journey. :)
    Your pal in the Land of Oz, ;)

  3. Kayla Jane Garcia.

    This baby blog (which I finally just had time to read) is the cutest thing, and I want to do it when I have a baby. I have laughed and cried. All in a morning. You are so cute! And this blog is so sweet and will mean so much to your little person. :)

    1. O you're sweet! Thank you :) You should definitely do it some day. I think I'll be glad I did.

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