Thursday, November 6, 2014

31 weeks with Baby Joshua

Posting this late again :) 

Pic taken 10/31/14

This week: 

Braxton Hicks are picking up. We had one weird night where I was having them quite often and they were slightly uncomfortable. We even started timing just to make sure we shouldn't see the Dr. They seemed normal the next day, though so all is well :) 

You seem pretty busy in the evenings. Hopefully you don't have your days and nights mixed up! Not quite as active as Jonathan was, if I'm remembering right. 

Bought you a bunch of stuff at a big sale in town. You will be born in a much different climate than Jonathan, so I needed some warm and cozy things for my Winter baby :) 

Your brother likes to give my belly kisses (or raspberries, rather) and thinks my big ol' belly button is funny, but doesn't understand that his new little best bud is the cause of this beer belly, extra tired mommy. 

I love you! See you in 9 weeks!

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