Saturday, October 27, 2012

Telling friends and family

A couple weeks after we found out about you, we took Grandma and Grandpa Waldram (weird to say) to lunch at GoodWood after church. Mom suspected the reason, but dad was totally surprised to hear that he was going to be a grandpa! Auntie Anna and Uncle Dan were excited too... and perhaps the Nases who were seated at the next table. I was so happy that they knew and could share in the joy and excitement! After lunch, I called Auntie Karin and Uncle Michael who were away filling their noggin's with knowledge. Of course, they can't wait to meet you!

After the evening service, we had Grandma and Grandpa Garcia over for dinner to tell them the news and Grandma G did a little hop skippy jumpy hooray and gave me a hug. Hannah and Grandpa G were so excited as well (Dad had already spilled the beans to Uncle Nate earlier ;). I think Auntie Hannah asked me if I was excited about 10 times :) she's about as excited as we are! (This whole Auntie Hannah-Auntie Anna thing may get a little confusing. Maybe we'll need to come up with some creative names for them) We called Auntie Rachel as well and she's so excited that Amy and Lisse will have a little Garcia cousin now!

Then, of course, I told Ashlynn, Sarah, Liz and Jen (That's Mrs. Holtom, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. Waldron and Mrs. Barger to you!) and a few other people that I wanted to tell in person (including "Auntie Kassidy" cuz Anna just couldn't wait to tell her friends!)

Finally, about a month and a half after we found out about you Dad and I made an announcement video to let the world know that you are coming! About an hour after I told dad for the first time that he was going to be a daddy he had a whole announcement video planned out with music picked out and everything :) But he was so busy with work and traveling for about a month that we didn't have time to work on it until after that.

Here is us working on the video. It took two full days to make.

You will soon learn that completely disassembling a room for the sake of the shot is not uncommon for your dad. This shot consisted of 12 nail holes in my freshly painted wall ;) Anything for you, Baby G.

A little mood lighting

And here's the announcement video:

(can't get it to post on the blog. Grr)

Every picture marks some mile stone in our 2 years of married life 

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