Thursday, March 14, 2013

Meet your friends!

Even as tiny and oblivious that you are, you already have lots of friends waiting to meet you when you arrive! I thought it would be fun for you to see what they look like now while you're still in my belly at almost 31 weeks :)


This is Ellie Marie. She is 6 months old now, but this picture is from a couple months ago. Isn't she a cutie? :) She'll be about 8 months older than you. She enjoys long walks on the beach and watching the sunset from a grassy knoll. (Bachelorette #1)

(Bachelorette #2)

Don't your friends have cute names? And you don't have one at all haha! This is Lucy. She is just over a month old now and will be about 3 months older than you. She's also your neighbor friend with a sweet playhouse! So be nice!

here's a better one of her face. Auntie Karin is holding her:

(Bachelorette #3)

Little Leighton is 4 months old and will be about 6 months older than you. She lives in So Cal so I don't know when you'll get to meet her, but hopefully not too long cuz I want to meet her too! She's so pretty in pink; don't ya think?


This is your cousin Lis'e who just turned one year old! So, she'll be about a year older than you. She also lives in California, but you will get to meet her for the first time in August! I can't wait to see you cousins all together for the first time!


Amy is your oldest cousin (about 3 years older than you) and is so much fun! I bet you'll really enjoy running around with her some day. You are the first boy cousin so, congratulations! 


Surprise! You have boy friends too!!! Haha I know you were getting worried for a minute ;) Mason is about 2 years older than you and such a little goof ball...

I wonder what fun little memories you'll make with these guys :) 


  1. Cute kids!! I love how you referred to the girls as bachelorettes! Haha!