Tuesday, January 29, 2013

6 months!

Sorry about all the annoying dryer noises! ... and also for taking up half your day with this! I don't FEEL like I'm talking that long lol.


  1. Awww Kayla your so cute. Haha :) I laughed out loud when you said the part about the belly or butt shot. Haha :) I had the same problem! You look so tiny still, so dont worry. Hehe Oh so cute! :) That voxer thing sounds so cool! I will def have to get that. :) Skirts are hard to find in maternity :( Have you tried looking on Ebay? Sometimes you can find some nice second hand ones, too for a good price! You can pick up bulk packs on Ebay, too. :) Just type in Maternity clothes and whatever size you are, and it will bring up the options. :) Heres an example!
    Anyway, hope that helps you! :) Looking good mama!

    1. O cool! Thanks, Melissa :) I will look into that!