Monday, February 25, 2013

7 months

Dear Baby,

I have been thinking about you A TON lately. Little Lucy was just born a couple weeks ago and seeing her makes me so anxious for you to get here! I also registered the other day so I've been looking at lots of baby product reviews and thinking about everything we will need to get your room all set up and have everything ready to go once you get here in just a few short months! We just have one trimester to go! High 5!

I haven't done a pregnancy update for about a month now because making those videos is such a hassle so I'll just give some month 6 highlights/complaints (I feel like the complaints list is growing :/ but I know its worth it) We'll start with the positive:

  • Your movements feel different these days. Instead of feeling little jabs and kicks, I can feel you actually moving around and sometimes feel your movements with my hand when I put it on my belly, usually when I'm laying on my side. I love that :) 
  • I can see my belly move when you do! Sometimes I just lay there and watch my belly and smile at your little movements
  • We have a glider for your nursery and got it off Craigslist for a great deal! Hope you don't mind having a Craigslist room cuz that's what it's turning into :)
  • Lucy Katherine was born on Feb. 7th and you came with me to see her in the hospital... only you didn't get to see her :P
  • We made it through the second trimester
  • We registered for the shower that's in about a month. It was fun but registering always makes me feel a little greedy ;)
Now for the downers:
  • My feet hurt! Like if I've been on them for more than 20 minutes they just start to kill
  • I feel like I'm 80 haha. When I get up off the couch I do that grandma achy bones walk for like the first 10 steps because I feel all stiff and ... well... achy boned. 
  • My gym back is kicking in finally. I always knew my back would have a hard time when I got pregnant since it's already kinda bad from so many years of gym. The other day I was moving some pretty heavy stuff and bending weird directions trying to do things in the garage and that night I felt like  I could barely walk. So I've been extra careful lately to bend at the knees and not try to do anything too strenuous on the back
  • I have gained 19 lbs so far :/ YIKES. I guess that's normal and I'm not stressin' it too much... just a little ;) Since I do have to look good in a size small brides maids dress this summer...
  • You push on my bladder so hard sometimes! I'll have to pee so bad one second and then I'm fine haha.
That's about it for month #6 :) Starting on month 7 now. Can't wait for May!

Here I am on the first day of my last trimester:

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