Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Dear littlest baby

Dear Baby #2,

Hate to label you as a number at this point but it's either that or whatever fruit size you are this week (lemon). Anna calls you Liz this week for Liz Lemon. She did that with Jon too. 

Here I am being your typical second-time mom and getting started on this a little later in the game. This is my last week of my first trimester so I had better get you all caught up! (posting this a little late)

Finding Out

Your daddy & brother and I went on a long Idaho exploration RV trip in April to see our state and visit Grandma and Grandpa. Although we weren't expecting to be pregnant so quick I had a faint feeling in the back of my mind that I could be. I was a little extra tired and... late (I'll tell you when you're older ;) Turned out not to be a problem that I had forgotten to pack some toiletries rather pertinent to that particular week ;). I watched my Mt. Dew intake just in case. So, of course, as soon as I got home I couldn't wait to take a test and the test said "Ready or not, here comes #2!"

I didn't tell Dad that night. The next day, Jon and I went out and searched high and low for a "BIG BROTHER" shirt. We tried 4 different stores and finally found one that was rather large but it worked. I put it on him when we got home to see how long it would take Dad to notice... he didn't haha. I had to ask him how he like baby Jon's new shirt aaaaaaand he loved it :)

Telling Friends and Family

We told the rest of the family at Jon's first birthday party (Grandma and Grandpa Garcia and Auntie Hannah skyped in). Grandma Jane was there too! I put the shirt in one of the birthday gifts so everyone would see when he opened it. It took everyone a minute, but they were so excited to hear the news! The grandmas said they already had a hunch ;)

And of course Dad's big contribution (Well, other big contribution teehee) - the public reveal. 

"Life with a toddler is pretty crazy, so we thought we'd throw another one in the mix!"

We had fun making this as a fam :)

Everyone is so excited for your arrival!

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