Sunday, July 13, 2014

First Appointment

Hi, Baby! 

We had our first appointment the other day and it went really well! I have a new doctor and was so hoping I would like her (Juliette), and I do! She is very nice and I'm so happy :) We got to take a peek at ya and low and behold... you're adorable! Your heart rate was 153 BPM. Thats about what Jonathan's was most of my pregnancy with him. You were moving around and made it a little tricky for her to get good pics. Here are a couple: 

 You facing us with puppy dog hands

Profile (You haven't grown legs yet ;)

They gave me a new due date. I had been calculating January 4th (Auntie Anna's birthday) but based on your growth they are thinking January 1st. Pretty cool due date! They said everything was looking good which was a relief for me. I had been starting to get a little anxious for a Dr. appointment after 13 weeks. The Dr. asked me if I wanted to know if you were a boy or girl which I DID!... but dad wasn't with me and I wanted us to find out together so we have to wait a couple more months. If you are a boy, it will be so fun for Jon to have a little buddy. If you're a girl, we will be so excited for a new, pink adventure! So, ya know, no pressure :) Be what you are haha.

So glad that I got to see you and you are healthy and I already can't wait to meet you!!! 

- Mommy

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